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Welcome to my home ! My name is Flora, I'm 30 and I'm web Artistic Director. Since I decided to do this job, I have worked hard to achieve it. Now I want a new challenge, a major new project, something complex and huge, that makes me push my own limits even further.

Artisan Design ... The "beautiful" Free does not interest me. I prefer the impact of the image and the message. I like to experiment, build and deconstruct to find and show the essential. I always look for another point of view and the most important to me is to be effective and relevant.

In nine years of experience, I learned to work effectively in understanding the needs and expectations of customers. I learned how to manage a graphic project from conception to delivery, always focusing on a strong message and without superfluous.

about me

I can not do anything else, and I do not want to do anything else.

Web graphic designer for 9 years now, I want to challenge everything I've learned through a major new project.

Craftman of communication, I enjoy working with my hands, cut pictures, turn the typography and mix colors, all on computer.

I'm not about making "Beautiful" at all costs. I emphasise on what seems stunning. For that, I am constantly abreast of the latest graphics and technical trends and innovations.

I'm an easy going person, I have an interest for everything & everyone around me and I love sharing and teamworking.
If you are willing to give it a try , I would bring you - in my suitcase - my skills, my creativity, my ideas and my good mood.


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My projects

Here you will see a few of my projects.
Those are mostly web projects but I am quite comfortable in print, packaging or web writing (blog and social networks)

Professional background

Works, studies & other


Powersante.com- Artistic Director - Head of communication and creation - Oct'14 - Aug'15

E-commerce website. Leader in online  parapharmaceutical and cosmetics sales

  • Management of global communication, print, web and social networks
  • Redesign of visual identity
  • Social networks strategy implementation
  • Management of an illustrated blog
  • Graphic management of the Powersante brand creation
  • Marketing & Communication project manager

Web Agency Y-proximité - Senior WebDesigner - Graphic designer - Dec '13 - Aug '14

Web-agency offering distribution of packaged websites & communications solutions dedicated to an activity & employement sector.

  • Management of global communication, print & web
  • Creation packaged websites & communications solutions
  • Redesigning corporates web-site (y-proximite.com & monentreprisesurleweb.fr)monentreprisesurleweb.fr)
  • Creating & managing an packaged logos solutions
  • Management of creation for the key accounts (Bosch, Point fort fichet, Citroën…)

PourMonBureau.com - Senior WebDesigner - Graphic designer - Avril '13 - Août '13

E-Commerce website. French leader in office suppliers for particulars and pros.

  • Creation for e-commerce website (Banners, ads, newsletters, products catalog, flyers...)
  • Project manager for the 2nd anniversary (Managing of multichannel event plan special for La Fête des Lumières (Social network, web and print communications, press…))

Oogarden.com - WebDesigner - Graphic designer - Sept '11 - Mars '13

E-Commerce website. French leader selling on-line garden products.

  • Print & web creation
  • Redesign of the corporate identity (Logo, website, UI/UX, newsletters, ...)
  • Products visuals for the website & products catalog

Communication & Web agency Comète - Graphiste WebDesigner - Mai '10 - Août '11

Comète is a Communication & web agency based in Lyon, technical and creative - The agency provides and implements Web communication media.

  • Print & web creation (Websites, Logos, Newsletters, promotionnal objects)

COMAP - Junior Communication & Documentation officer - Dec '10 - Avril '11

Equipment manufacturer of plumbing and heating for certified professionnals builders.

  • Creation and planner of communication devices
  • Stock & Printing management for communication devices
  • Technical documents translation FR/En and EN/FR
  • Organisation of trade fairs (Under the supervision of the Communication director)

Yole Développement - Graphic designer (Alternating work/study program) - Janv '08 - Oct '09

Yole Développement Group provides market research, technology analysis, strategy consulting, targeted media and financial advisory services.

  • Internal and external communications
  • Professionnals magazines redesign
  • Creation of market research layout


Sept '07 à aujourd'hui

Netcentrik - Designgraphik - Avantgarde-Design - Etc...


CTI Formation - Communication & multimedia Degree (Alternating work/study program) - '09

École Presqu'Île - Infography & multimedia Degree - '08

École de Condé - Visual Communication Diploma - '07

You want to know more ?

I spend 80% of my time in front of a screen, whether it is to create, to learn how to code or to watch series. I love series. I watch them in VO to improve my knowledge of English.

For the remaining 20%, I like cooking, taking pictures, reading and writing.

I'm unbeatable in cooking meat, especially beef ribs, but absolutely zero in pastry (I do not like cakes). I appreciate discovering new dishes and flavors with a huge preference for Chinese food.

I recently had a digital camera and I'm learning to take pictures that do not look like tourists pictures. I try to understand the focus, focal and blacklight.

I read whenever I can. I have a huge preference for detective, sci-fi and fantasy novels.
I just started Game Of Thrones (I'm on Volume 1) and I think that Winter Is Coming.

About writing, I decided recently to open a blog that will cover all the subjects I love: cooking, lifestyle, travel and a lot of other different things. For now, this is only a draft. I can not manage everything frontally!



Want even more?

You can contact me on fcourtin75@gmail.com or with the contact form below!

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